Corporate and Social Responsibilities

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing services that not only provide Value For Money but also reflect Local Communities in which we work including positive attitudes actions towards social inclusion aimed at BME groups and other under represented groups.

Many of our Public Sector clients represent communities from some of the most economically and socially deprived areas. We acknowledge that we have a responsibility to the wider community especially on Public Sector works.

Supporting local communities does not just relate to physical infrastructure. Positive attitudes towards local supply chains and developing capacity, training and direct employment to underrepresented groups are all factors that can be developed and enhanced by an inclusive investment programme.

Such approaches provide an opportunity for public services and service providers to radically rethink the services they provide, and how they are delivered, in a variety of innovative ways.

We have three specific aims alongside our service commitments:

  • To support and strengthen the communities in which we work including local supply chains
  • To recruit and train employees locally
  • To support initiatives involving client, stakeholders and the local community.

TCL Group are committed to Corporate Responsibility and support a number of initiatives involving client, stakeholders and the local community.

examples include:

  • Ascham Homes innovative Residents Inspection programme.
  • Haringey’s Good Housekeeping wallchart initiative.
  • Support on clients resident open days.
  • Dockland Sailing club initiative
  • Work experience initiatives from local schools
  • Sponsorship of two local BME under 16-football teams
  • Supporting Public Sector clients on meet the buyer and fit for supply events
  • Presentations on Procuring Local Benefit to Housing Associations
  • Annual Fund raising events for Great Ormond Street
  • Support to Local SME and BME groups on Fit to Supply Events
  • Local Apprentice schemes and local employment