Fire Risk Assessment

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UK fire safety legislation places emphasis on preventing fires and reducing risk. Anyone who has some control over premises (the ‘responsible person’) must take reasonable steps to reduce the likelihood of fire and make sure people can safely escape if there is a fire.

The regulations apply to virtually all non-domestic premises in the United Kingdom; in England and Wales the communal areas (common parts) of blocks of flats, are also included.

 What are my responsibilities as the ‘responsible person’?

As the responsible person you must address the following issues:

  • Carry out a ‘suitable and sufficient’ fire risk assessment and identify possible hazards and risks.
  • Take general fire precautions.
  • Develop and maintain fire safety procedures.
  • Take account of those particularly at risk, i.e. very young people; those with special needs or disabilities; and people working with dangerous substances such as flammable liquids.
  • Provide suitable arrangements to warn people of a fire in the building such as, a Fire Detection and Fire Alarm (FD&A) system.
  • Eliminate or reduce risks from dangerous substances (chemicals etc).
  • Provide adequate means of escape in the case of a fire such as sufficient and suitable fire exits; fire doors and compartments; signs, notices and emergency lighting.
  • Take measures for firefighting e.g. fire extinguishers.
  • Develop an effective fire emergency plan to be followed in the event of a fire.
  • Maintain all fire safety systems and equipment in accordance with current British Standards.
  • Ensure capabilities of employees who are given special tasks in terms of fire safety and fire procedures, and provide training to all employees and others who may need it.
  • Regularly review all these processes and amend if necessary

Am I required to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment?

Yes you are, the Fire Risk Assessment lies at the core of fire safety arrangements. It is a methodical analysis of all areas of your premises to identify potential fire hazards and the people that will be in danger in the event of a fire. The risk assessment will identify whether current fire prevention and protection methods are adequate, and where they are not, detail the actions required to remove or reduce the fire risk.

If your organisation employs five or more people; or your premises are licensed you must record the significant findings of the assessment. But it is good practice to record your significant findings in any case.

Our fire experts are trained to complete fire risk assessments to the highest level and will take away the worries that completing one of these reports can cause. A Fire Risk Assessor will visit your premises and following their fire assessment will provide you with a detailed written report.

We will then work with you to develop a plan of action to put the recommendations in place utilising our experienced and accredited teams.

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