Covid-19 Response Statement

As a valued customer we are writing to advise you of our current response to Covid-19. We continue to monitor and follow UK Government advice with a focus on protecting our own people, customers and the wider community and contribute to containing the spread of the virus and, in turn, limit the pressure on our NHS.

This approach is at the forefront of our day to day activities and, mindful that many of our colleagues and suppliers have a need to interact with our customers whilst in relatively close proximity to them we have instructed all staff across the business to take the following actions

  • Make sure you regularly and thoroughly wash your hands with hot soapy water for a minimum of 20 seconds
  • Avoid large gatherings, cancel attendance at any large external meetings or conferences that are not business critical
  • Review travel plans to sites and to attend meetings and avoid any unnecessary travel by using other communication channels such as conference calls or skype meetings

It is understood that the virus is spread through contact and being in close proximity to those that are already infected. The added difficulty is that we are still in the cold and flu season and, we are sure, you may have a concern that you don’t know whether the person your teams are visiting has regular influenza or indeed Covid-19. The fact is that you should treat both of these in the same way, especially if your team members already have a weakened immune system for any reason.

Please click on the link below to view our Coronavirus Policy for further information.

Coronavirus Policy

Given this information it is important that we maintain an honest and transparent approach to raising concerns about anyone showing flu like symptoms or has any reason to suspect that they may have or have come into contact with anybody that has returned from a high risk country in the last few weeks.

It is important that we remain vigilant during this uncertain time and we will continue to monitor the situation and take all measures necessary to protect the wellbeing of our staff, customers and the wider community.