Quality Assurance


Founded on the principles of our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified quality management systems, our six key objectives are:

  • To provide a first class customer service
  • To fully engage with our clients, stakeholders and the local community
  • To meet and exceed agreed Key Performance targets
  • To ensure that communication remains a key driver throughout the delivery process
  • To respond to issues in a positive fashion and to not run away from our responsibilities
  • To provide a quality service and product


Our approach to delivering quality is applied across all projects accounting for, and tailoring to, the specific needs of our clients, ensuring that each project is managed in a way that is consistent with their expectations. This includes the use of recognised project management methods, effective document templates and information technology systems that are secure, accessible and designed to generate, collate and share data.

In practical terms our deliverables include:

  • Adoption of a ‘Customer First’ approach
  • Taking collective ownership of each project with every member of the team contributing their particular skills and knowledge at the appropriate time
  • Measuring and monitoring performance
  • Learning lessons from one project and applying them to the next
  • Sharing mutual objectives and achieving them
  • Improving quality
  • Completing on time and within budget
  • Minimising waste
  • Improving health and safety
  • Achieving ‘Right First Time’ performance standards and zero defects

Continual Improvement

Inherent within our Integrated Quality Management System is our commitment to continual improvement, ensuring that lessons learnt are captured and built into our project delivery processes and procedures.

Customer feedback is used to drive performance improvements, and examples of good practice are identified, celebrated and communicated across all parts of the business.