Social Value – A Positive Legacy

Our Commitment 

We are committed to providing services that not only provide Value for Money but also support the local communities in which we work including a positive attitude towards social inclusion, particularly with under-represented groups.


Supporting local communities does not just relate to improving the built environment. Positive attitudes towards local supply chains and developing capacity, training and direct employment to under-represented groups are all factors that can be developed and enhanced by an inclusive approach to community support.

Our approach is built upon three specific aims.

  • To support and strengthen the communities in which we work including local supply chains
  • To recruit and train employees locally
  • To support initiatives involving client, stakeholders and the local community

Social support and sponsorship

Typical initiatives involving client’s, stakeholders and the local community include;

  • Support for local resident groups
  • Involvement in community events
  • Local community improvements
  • Community sponsorship